Prevelo Stickers

Everyone loves stickers!

But we didn't settle for ordinary stickers.  Prevelo stickers are printed on premium vinyl and are coated with a protective laminate.  They're able to withstand exposure to wind, rain, sunlight and children on sugar rushes.

The list of things Prevelo stickers can stick to is endless.  Some examples: bikes, helmets, car bumpers, toolboxes, windows, mirrors, ketchup bottles, dressers, and the outside of your microwave.

Just because they can be stuck on something, does not mean that they should be stuck on it.  Some examples of things that you should probably not stick your Prevelo stickers on:  grandma's fine china, dad's forehead while he is sleeping, mom's new tablet, soup, any pet (unless the pet is a robot, which we think should count as pets), your eyeball, or the inside of your microwave.  This is a partial list.  Please stick your stickers responsibly!

  • 15.4 mil (380 microns) thick (including the liner) 
Type Size
White/Black Outline 6" x 1"
Girl Rider 3.9" x 4"
Boy Rider 4" x 3.4"
Eaglebear 3.35" x 4"
Prevelo Maverick 4" x 1.75"